Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Kee Fateh

IK ONKAAR  (Their is only one God) SAT NAAM (Truth is the name)  KARTA PURKH (The creator)  NIRBHAU (Without Fear)  NIRVAIR (Wihout Hate)
 AKAAL MOORAT (Timeless and Without Form)  AJOONI (Beyond Birth and Death)  SABHANG (God made by himself),no one made The God)  
GUR PARSAAD  (Can be known by The Guru's Grace)

We all are the sons of Waheguru.We came to this world to do something which is to merge with Waheguru.We can do that if we follow the path
shown by our great Guru. If we get the little light from our Great Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Jee) then this life will become very easier. Every Sikh
should do their Nitnem and follow the Sikh Code of Conduct. If we are not doing Nitnem and not following the Code of Conduct then how can we
claim to be a Sikh. Simran and Sewa,these are the two biggest tools which can lead us very close to Waheguru. When we do Simran all we should
remember is that we get to wash our mind with the teachings of GGS Jee and while doing Sewa we should  be thankful to Waheguru Jee for giving
us the chance to  serve the humankind.
Special Request:
Gurdwara Sahib committee needs around $150,000.00,to finish the construction.

1.The plan is to build nice rest rooms close to the entrance of The Gurdwara Sahib.

3.We need to extend our kitchen, install the cooler, make a sink to the side, and a storage room for grocery.

4.All the property needs to be leveled,parking needs to be made,lightings in the parking area needs to be installed, and fresh landscaping is

We can achieve this goal if we all pledge to do Bheta of  at least 100.00 Dollars a month for these projects. Cutting some extra expenses for the
Langar can also help if we save there and donate that money to The Gurdwara Sahib. This really can help us a lot. Lets work together and make
this Gurdwara Sahib a house of light,peace, and a great source of brotherhood for our community.
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